Kidney & Heart, study & practice

Kidney & Heart, study & practice



Sections B: Presentations for doctors 

Section C: Presentations for faculty

  1. Individualized web based learning - Web based teaching for renal patients and care providers.     
  2. A2Z4CKC (A to Z for Community Kidney Care)    
  3. WBL- web based learning in renal medicine  Analyzed in Theory, Practice and Practical    
  4. Asian Cardio Diabetic Forum by PACE-CME - Saving kidney & saving heart in diabetes, new horizon in vision - the SGLT-2 Inhibitors, acting locally in heart & kidney with diversified actions, beyond glucose control. CREDENCE trial terminated two years early to deliver the benefits of SGLT-2 I, to CKD & CVD patients - a trial that is changing how physicians practice.     
  5. Issues facing transplant in next decade Talked at Hemmersmith on invitation.
  6. Oxalate in food and kidney, pear Review Lecture.