Kidney & Heart, study & practice

Kidney & Heart, study & practice



Sections B: Presentations for doctors 

  1.     Aliskerin, AVOID, ALTITUDE, ATMOSPHERE, APOLLO, studies
  2.     Anatomy embryology physiology - Renal
  3.     CKD complication and outpatient management
  4.     CKD - taking care of patients
  5.     CKD/AKD biomarkers
  6.     Cholesterol emboli syndrome
  7.     Cardiorenal syndrome
  8.     Cyst in kidney & tubular disorders
  9.     Contrast associated nephropathy 
  10.     Diabetic nephropathy
  11.     FSGS
  12.     GN- Importance of Non-immune rx and immune rx.
  13.     Gout and CKD
  14.     Hemodialysis techniques adequacy
  15.     Hepatorenal syndrome    
  16.     Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
  17.     Hemophagocytic syndrome & AKI
  18.     Hospital infection control    
  19.     Intradialytic hypotension from AJKD
  20.     Intradialytic Hypertension by Prof Gawad, Alexandre Hospital 
  21.     Poisoning and holistic management
  22.     Hypernatraemia 
  23.     Hyponatraemia- This is a link to the article in Medscape. You can log in to your medscape account for viewing.
  24.      Hyperphosphatemia, non-renal
  25.     Interstitial nephritis-CIN
  26.     Interstitial nephritis - AIN
  27.     Oxalate nephropathy
  28.     Poisoning
  29.     Poststreptococcal GN
  30.      Proteinuria in Pregnancy
  31.     HD presentation for nurse :: Important for renal faculty.
  32.     Metabolic alkalosis
  33.     Renal biopsy for SR, principles, complications, statistics.
  34.     Renal bone disease
  35.     Sepsis
  36.      Sepsis in ESKD
  37.      Urinalysis for Renal faculty 
  38.     UTI- local
  39.     UTI- Beryl Navti, Bredfordshire, UK, SEPT      Pharmacy Department,
  40.     Vascular access catheters
  41.     Viral GN
  42.   Renal stone disease, approach to. 


Section C: Presentations for faculty

  1. IgAFn serum level as a diagnostic test for IgAN in adult glomerulonephritis a STARD analysis.  - Web based teaching for renal patients and care providers.     
  2. A2Z4CKC (A to Z for Community Kidney Care)    
  3. WBL- web based learning in renal medicine  Analyzed in Theory, Practice and Practical    
  4. Asian Cardio Diabetic Forum by PACE-CME - Saving kidney & saving heart in diabetes, new horizon in vision - the SGLT-2 Inhibitors, acting locally in heart & kidney with diversified actions, beyond glucose control. CREDENCE trial terminated two years early to deliver the benefits of SGLT-2 I, to CKD & CVD patients - a trial that is changing how physicians practice.     
  5. Issues facing transplant in next decade Talked at Hemmersmith on invitation.
  6. Oxalate in food and kidney, pear Review Lecture. 

7. IgAFn serum level as a diagnostic test for IgAN in adult glomerulonephritis a STARD analysis. 


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